Am I PayingToo Much?
Am I PayingToo Much?

Uncovering the Cost of Broadband, how much does internet cost?

When people consider moving to a new area, or need to update their home internet, one of the biggest concerns is the cost of broadband. It can be difficult to estimate how much one should budget for internet access and if they’re getting the best deal. In this blog post, we will explore the cost of broadband, the high price of out-of-contract broadband, and how to manage your internet budget best.

What is the Average Price of Broadband?

When considering internet access, it is important to think about the speed and reliability you need. The average cost of broadband varies significantly depending on the provider, the speed and data allowance you need, and the length of the contract. Generally, broadband-only packages start at around £18 per month and can go up to £60 or more depending on the package.

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What is the Cost of Out of Contract Broadband?

When signing up for a new broadband package, it is important to understand what happens when the contract ends. Out of contract broadband packages can be significantly more expensive than those taken out with a contract. This is because providers will charge a premium on out of contract packages, sometimes as much as double the cost of a contract package. It is therefore important to be aware of these costs and plan for them ahead of time.

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How to Manage your Internet Budget

It is important to have a clear understanding of your internet budget in order to get the best deal. It is a good idea to compare different providers and packages before making a decision. Also, make sure to read the terms and conditions of any package before signing up, as they can differ greatly in terms of data allowance, cost, and length of contract. Additionally, it is important to remember that out of contract packages can be much more expensive than those taken out with a contract, so it is important to plan ahead and budget for the cost of out of contract broadband.


Broadband costs can vary significantly depending on the provider, speed and data allowance, and length of contract. It is important to consider these factors when budgeting for internet access, and to be aware of the high cost of out of contract broadband. By comparing different packages, reading the terms and conditions, and budgeting for the cost of out of contract broadband, you can make sure to get the best deal for your internet budget.